Polish Tourist Jailed For 10 Days In Dubai Due To Public Urination


Polish tourist, who was on diuretic medication and had to relieve him in public, was jailed for 10 days and deported.

Don't Pee

The Polish man had been on a slow moving taxi for more than two hours when the nature called and he had basically peed on a bridge.

You can read more about this incident on Gulf New website here of which below is an excerpt:

Speaking to XPRESS from his hometown Krakow, the graphic designer said he regrets his mistake but couldn’t help it as he suffers from a medical condition. “I wish I had read up on what’s allowed and what’s not in the UAE,” rued Poprawski, who was on diuretics on January 27, the day of the incident.

“We had already spent over two hours on the road because of heavy traffic and the medicine had worsened my condition,” he added.

“I had no clue of where we were and what could be the implications. I had come to the brink and just couldn’t care anymore,” he said.

“Minutes later I got a call asking me to report to Muraqqabat police station with my passport. I was told I would get it back only after I brought the tourist along,” said the cabbie.

He said he waited for Poprawski to return from the dhow cruise and convinced him to go to the police station with his passport. “It took three hours as we had to drive to his hotel to pick up his passport,” he said.

But what followed came as a shocker to Poprawski. “A case was registered against me and I had to spend 10 days in jail and pay a fine of Dh1,000. However had it not been for some really helpful people, I would have been in the UAE for months,” said Poprawski.


Does the punishment with the “crime”? I would say no in this instance. It was not ok to pee in public, but jailing someone for 10 days is nuts.

People should remember when they visit Gulf Countries and especially Dubai that what would be no offense at all in many other countries could be a serious crime there.

It is ridiculous that police was threatening the cab driver to find the “suspect” and bring the person to the police station.

Remember the case few years back (read more here) where female Starwood employee was arrested and jailed for extramarital sex in UAE when she reported having been raped by some male colleagues?

And theoretically you even need a liquor license to consume alcohol in Dubai.

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