Marriott eBreaks For March 17 – 20, 2016 (20% Off This Coming Weekend)

Marriott has number of properties each week on eBreaks list that is valid for the upcoming weekend from Thursday to Sunday.

Marriott eBreaks March 17 - 20 2016

These properties are usually in North America and the discount for booking the eBreaks offer should be around 20%.

You can access Marriott’s website here.

Note that there is no page on for this rate type. I will, however, list all the properties here on LoyaltyLobby weekly with the Marriott provided headline eBreaks rates.

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Stays on Thursday may require Friday night and Sunday night stays may require Saturday night stay. Marriott tries to prevent business travelers taking advantage of this rate plan



New Brunswick
The Algonquin Resort St. Andrews by-the-Sea, Autograph Collection  $119-$135 CAD/night

Courtyard Mississauga-Airport Corporate Centre West  $95-$135 CAD/night
Delta Toronto  $157-$172 CAD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Toronto Brampton  $79-$95 CAD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Toronto Mississauga  $95-$99 CAD/night
Residence Inn Mississauga-Airport Corporate Centre West  $111-$159 CAD/night
Residence Inn Toronto Downtown/Entertainment District  $143-$179 CAD/night
Residence Inn Toronto Vaughan  $127-$143 CAD/night
Residence Inn Whitby  $103-$131 CAD/night
SpringHill Suites Toronto Vaughan  $135 CAD/night
Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel  $127-$147 CAD/night

Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Center  $120-$152 CAD/night
Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel  $153-$174 CAD/night
Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel  $231-$255 CAD/night


Fairfield Inn & Suites Villahermosa Tabasco  $39-$49 USD/night

United States


Courtyard Birmingham Colonnade  $79-$95 USD/night
Courtyard Birmingham Downtown at UAB  $111-$135 USD/night
Courtyard Birmingham Homewood  $87-$103 USD/night
Courtyard Birmingham Hoover  $79-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Birmingham Fultondale/I-65  $95-$111 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Birmingham Pelham/I-65  $79-$103 USD/night
Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa  $207-$227 USD/night
Residence Inn Birmingham Downtown at UAB  $103 USD/night
Residence Inn Birmingham Homewood  $87-$103 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Birmingham Downtown at UAB  $111-$135 USD/night

SpringHill Suites Huntsville West/Research Park  $95-$127 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Huntsville  $79-$87 USD/night


San Francisco
Courtyard San Mateo Foster City  $119-$151 USD/night
Courtyard Vallejo Napa Valley  $135-$167 USD/night
Residence Inn San Francisco Airport/San Mateo  $87 USD/night
San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront  $127 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Redwood City Redwood Shores  $111-$215 USD/night

San Jose
Courtyard Newark Silicon Valley  $87-$103 USD/night
Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley  $87 USD/night
Residence Inn Fremont Silicon Valley  $103 USD/night
Residence Inn Newark Silicon Valley  $95-$103 USD/night
Residence Inn Palo Alto Los Altos  $103-$247 USD/night
TownePlace Suites San Jose Campbell  $111-$215 USD/night
TownePlace Suites San Jose Cupertino  $111-$215 USD/night
TownePlace Suites San Jose Santa Clara  $119-$223 USD/night


Boulder Marriott  $159 USD/night
Courtyard Boulder  $111-$127 USD/night
Renaissance Boulder Flatiron Hotel  $87 USD/night

Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Marriott  $60 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods  $71-$95 USD/night

Courtyard Denver South/Park Meadows Mall  $71 USD/night
Courtyard Denver Stapleton  $79-$123 USD/night
Denver Marriott South at Park Meadows  $84 USD/night
Denver Marriott Tech Center  $63 USD/night
Denver Marriott West  $103 USD/night
Denver Marriott Westminster  $95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Denver Aurora/Medical Center  $103-$127 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Denver North/Westminster  $79-$91 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Denver Tech Center/South  $111 USD/night
Residence Inn Denver Airport  $95-$127 USD/night
Residence Inn Denver Cherry Creek  $135-$159 USD/night
Residence Inn Denver South/Park Meadows Mall  $79 USD/night
Residence Inn Denver Tech Center  $79 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Denver Southwest/Littleton  $103-$119 USD/night

Multiple Cities
Courtyard Grand Junction  $80-$88 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Alamosa  $83 USD/night
Residence Inn Grand Junction  $84-$96 USD/night


Fairfield Inn & Suites Springfield Northampton/Amherst  $111-$127 USD/night
Hartford/Windsor Marriott Airport  $79 USD/night
Residence Inn Hartford Avon  $119-$127 USD/night
Residence Inn Hartford Downtown  $119-$199 USD/night
Residence Inn Hartford Windsor  $95 USD/night
Residence Inn Southington  $111-$119 USD/night
Residence Inn Springfield Chicopee  $127-$135 USD/night

Multiple Cities
Courtyard Danbury  $87-$119 USD/night
Mystic Marriott Hotel & Spa  $127-$143 USD/night
Residence Inn Danbury  $119-$127 USD/night

New Haven
SpringHill Suites Milford  $75-$95 USD/night
Trumbull Marriott Merritt Parkway  $95 USD/night


Courtyard Newark-University of Delaware  $135-$143 USD/night
Courtyard Wilmington Downtown  $87-$119 USD/night
Courtyard Wilmington Newark/Christiana Mall  $95-$111 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Wilmington New Castle  $95-$107 USD/night
Residence Inn Wilmington Newark/Christiana  $143-$159 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Wilmington Newark/Christiana  $87-$103 USD/night


Fort Lauderdale
Courtyard Fort Lauderdale SW/Miramar  $208 USD/night
Renaissance Fort Lauderdale-Plantation Hotel  $176 USD/night


Courtyard Columbus Phenix City  $87-$95 USD/night


Multiple Cities
Courtyard Bloomington Normal  $80-$88 USD/night
Courtyard Rockford  $95-$103 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Effingham  $87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Joliet North/Plainfield  $72-$120 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Peru  $88 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Quincy  $84-$108 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Forsyth Decatur  $80-$96 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Moline  $71-$79 USD/night
Residence Inn Rockford  $88-$104 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Champaign Urbana/Campustown  $87-$103 USD/night


Multiple Cities
Cedar Rapids Marriott  $95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Davenport  $71-$79 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Dubuque  $95-$103 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Sioux City  $100-$104 USD/night
Residence Inn Cedar Rapids  $95-$103 USD/night
Residence Inn Davenport  $103 USD/night


Multiple Cities
Fairfield Inn Topeka  $71-$95 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Dodge City  $87-$111 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Garden City  $75-$91 USD/night


Multiple Cities
Courtyard Bangor  $103-$111 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Augusta  $87-$111 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Bangor  $83-$127 USD/night
Residence Inn Bangor  $143 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Bangor  $127-$135 USD/night


Boston Marriott Peabody  $95-$103 USD/night
Courtyard Boston Danvers  $95-$119 USD/night
Courtyard Boston Foxborough/Mansfield  $119-$127 USD/night
Courtyard Boston Natick  $87-$111 USD/night
Courtyard Boston Norwood/Canton  $99-$107 USD/night
Courtyard Boston Stoughton  $87-$111 USD/night
Courtyard Boston Waltham  $87-$95 USD/night
Courtyard Boston Westborough  $87-$95 USD/night
Courtyard Boston Woburn/Boston North  $87-$103 USD/night
Courtyard Boston Woburn/Burlington  $79-$127 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Boston Cambridge  $151 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Boston Dedham  $95-$127 USD/night
Residence Inn Boston Brockton  $119-$131 USD/night
Residence Inn Boston Dedham  $119-$143 USD/night
Residence Inn Boston Logan Airport/Chelsea  $111-$119 USD/night
Residence Inn Boston Tewksbury/Andover  $91-$135 USD/night
Residence Inn Boston Woburn  $95-$103 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Boston Logan Airport/Chelsea  $119-$127 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Boston North Shore/Danvers  $79-$95 USD/night


Multiple Cities
Courtyard Battle Creek  $99-$115 USD/night
Courtyard Flint Grand Blanc  $87-$103 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Muskegon Norton Shores  $87-$95 USD/night

Fairfield Inn Bay City  $95-$99 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Saginaw  $71-$79 USD/night


Minneapolis-St Paul
Courtyard Minneapolis Bloomington  $95-$111 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Minneapolis Eden Prairie  $59-$71 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Minneapolis St. Paul/Roseville  $87-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites St. Paul Northeast  $95-$111 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Hudson  $95-$107 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Minneapolis Coon Rapids  $95 USD/night


Multiple Cities
Fairfield Inn Bozeman  $87 USD/night
Residence Inn Helena  $115-$163 USD/night


Courtyard Omaha LaVista  $79-$83 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Council Bluffs  $95-$111 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Omaha Northwest  $83-$87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Omaha Papillion  $87-$103 USD/night
Omaha Marriott  $87 USD/night

New Hampshire

Multiple Cities
Courtyard Keene Downtown  $99-$107 USD/night
Residence Inn North Conway  $127-$135 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Gilford  $111-$151 USD/night

New Jersey

Courtyard Princeton  $79-$111 USD/night
Princeton Marriott at Forrestal  $87 USD/night
Residence Inn Cranbury South Brunswick  $79-$111 USD/night
Residence Inn Princeton at Carnegie Center  $103-$135 USD/night

New York

Courtyard Saratoga Springs  $119 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Saratoga Malta  $91-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Albany University Area  $95 USD/night
Residence Inn Saratoga Springs  $119-$127 USD/night

Courtyard Poughkeepsie  $111-$131 USD/night
Residence Inn Poughkeepsie  $143 USD/night

Courtyard Rochester Brighton  $103 USD/night
Courtyard Rochester East/Penfield  $83 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Rochester East  $79 USD/night
Residence Inn Rochester Henrietta  $103-$143 USD/night

Courtyard Syracuse Carrier Circle  $75-$111 USD/night
Courtyard Syracuse Downtown at Armory Square  $135-$151 USD/night
Residence Inn Syracuse Carrier Circle  $99-$139 USD/night
Residence Inn Syracuse Downtown at Armory Square  $143-$159 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Syracuse Carrier Circle  $91-$103 USD/night


Cleveland Airport Marriott  $95 USD/night
Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center  $143 USD/night
Courtyard Cleveland Airport South  $79 USD/night
Courtyard Cleveland Westlake  $87-$95 USD/night
Courtyard Cleveland Willoughby  $123-$131 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Cleveland Avon  $79-$95 USD/night
Residence Inn Cleveland Beachwood  $103-$135 USD/night
Residence Inn Cleveland Independence  $87-$143 USD/night
Residence Inn Cleveland Mentor  $103-$135 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Cleveland Solon  $83-$107 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Cleveland Airport  $79 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Cleveland Westlake  $79 USD/night

Columbus Marriott Northwest  $87-$151 USD/night
Courtyard Columbus Airport  $107-$119 USD/night
Courtyard Columbus Downtown  $135-$151 USD/night
Courtyard Columbus Dublin  $87-$151 USD/night
Courtyard Columbus New Albany  $111-$151 USD/night
Courtyard Newark Granville  $79-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Marion  $75-$83 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Zanesville  $87-$119 USD/night


Courtyard Portland Airport  $103-$127 USD/night
Courtyard Portland Downtown/Convention Center  $151 USD/night
Courtyard Portland Southeast  $111-$119 USD/night
Courtyard Portland Tigard  $95-$119 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Portland North Harbour  $103 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Portland South/Lake Oswego  $107-$119 USD/night
Residence Inn Portland Airport at Cascade Station  $119-$143 USD/night
Residence Inn Portland Downtown/Pearl District  $159-$263 USD/night
Residence Inn Portland Downtown/RiverPlace  $151-$167 USD/night
Residence Inn Portland North Harbour  $143 USD/night
Residence Inn Portland South/Lake Oswego  $111-$119 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Portland Hillsboro  $95 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Portland Vancouver  $95-$127 USD/night


Courtyard York  $111-$127 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Harrisburg Hershey  $107-$147 USD/night
Residence Inn Harrisburg Carlisle  $103 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Harrisburg West/Mechanicsburg  $79-$95 USD/night
TownePlace Suites York  $111-$119 USD/night

South Dakota

Sioux Falls
Courtyard Sioux Falls  $87-$107 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Sioux Falls  $79-$83 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Sioux Falls South  $87-$95 USD/night


Courtyard Knoxville Airport Alcoa  $83-$111 USD/night
Courtyard Knoxville West/Bearden  $103-$111 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Knoxville West  $91-$119 USD/night


Courtyard Houston Hobby Airport  $71-$111 USD/night
Courtyard Houston I-10 West/Park Row  $79-$103 USD/night
Courtyard Houston Katy Mills  $79-$95 USD/night
Courtyard Houston NW/290 Corridor  $83-$127 USD/night
Courtyard Houston North  $87 USD/night
Courtyard Houston Northwest  $71-$151 USD/night
Courtyard Houston The Woodlands  $104 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Houston I-10 West/Energy Corridor  $72-$104 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Houston Westchase  $72-$120 USD/night
Houston Marriott Energy Corridor  $87-$143 USD/night
Houston Marriott South at Hobby Airport  $95 USD/night
Residence Inn Houston Intercontinental Airport at Greenspoint  $95 USD/night
Residence Inn Houston Katy Mills  $87-$91 USD/night
Residence Inn Houston Northwest/Willowbrook  $91 USD/night
Residence Inn Houston The Woodlands/Lake Front Circle  $112 USD/night
Residence Inn Houston The Woodlands/Market Street  $119 USD/night
Residence Inn Houston West/Energy Corridor  $79-$131 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Houston I-10 West/Energy Corridor  $71-$99 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Houston Katy Mills  $76-$84 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Houston Rosenberg  $87-$111 USD/night
Sugar Land Marriott Town Square  $119 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Houston Central/Northwest Freeway  $64 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Houston I-10 West/Energy Corridor  $64-$88 USD/night

Fairfield Inn & Suites Midland  $71-$95 USD/night


Courtyard Burlington Harbor  $127-$151 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Burlington Williston  $103 USD/night


Fairfield Inn & Suites Rawlins  $71-$79 USD/night


You should always check all the discount rates that are offered at these properties such as the AAA and AARP. This is the first time that I see Delta hotels on the eBreaks.

Here are the terms and conditions of this rate plan:

  • Rates are per night. Thursday requires a Friday night stay. Sunday requires a Saturday night stay.
  • Rates are valid for dates specified in email at advertised hotels only.
  • eBreaks rates are exclusive to customers who subscribe to the eBreaks program. Therefore, these rates do not qualify for Marriott’s Look No further Best Rates Guarantee.
  • A limited number of rooms are available and will be sold on a first-come, first served basis.
  • Advance bookings are required and must be guaranteed with a credit card.
  • Rates are offered Thursday through Sunday Some hotels only offer eBreaks rates Friday- Sunday. These hotels indicated with an asterisk ( * ) next to rates.
  • Rates are standard room, per night and based on single are double occupancy.
  • Rates are non-commissionable and not include taxes, fees, or other costs or gratuities.
  • Rates cannot be used in conjunction with other offers and/ or discounts.
  • Does not apply to groups of 10 or more rooms.
  • Canadian cities are quoted in Canadian dollars and US cites are quoted in US dollars. All other destinations are quoted in currency listed.

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