My Marriott Rewards Platinum Fast Track Offer (Request)

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I wrote the other week about Marriott Rewards Gold & Platinum status match and fast track offers (read more here).

Marriott Rewards Status Match 2016

Marriott Rewards downgraded my status to Gold as expected due to not having enough stays in 2015. I have enough nights and points to remain at this level indefinitely due to lifetime status that Marriott offers (read more here).

I could have used 40,000 Marriott Rewards points to buy back the status (read more here), but I decided to request fast track offer that would allow me to keep it all thew until early 2018.

So, I decided to send Marriott Rewards a message using their Contact Us function on the website:

Hey! I was just downgraded to Gold. Instead of using 40K points for the status buy back I would like to sign up for the Taste of Platinum/Road to Platinum promo that requires x number of stays within 3 months to get Platinum status back.

Received the following message four days later:

On behalf of Marriott Rewards Guest Services, please allow me to extend the offer of a Platinum Elite Status challenge.  If you accept this offer, your account status would be upgraded to Platinum Elite after the following terms have been met.

In order to achieve this status, you must accumulate nine separate paid stays beginning with the date your account is registered for the offer, through June 30, 2016.  This is a one-time offer, and would be effective within three business days of your acceptance of this offer.

Once you have accumulated nine separate paid stays, your account status would be upgraded to Platinum Elite through January 2018.  To retain this status for all of 2018, you would need to accrue the qualifying number of Elite nights during 2017.  The Silver Elite level requires 10 Elite nights, the Gold Elite level requires 50 Elite nights, and the Platinum Elite level requires 75 Elite nights.

Should you be unable to accumulate nine separate paid stays during this trial period, your account would remain at your current status, and you would need to stay the normal night requirements to achieve this Platinum Elite level.

A “hotel stay” or “stay” means all consecutive nights a Marriott Rewards member registers and personally pays and stays at any participating hotel.  For example, one or multiple consecutive nights stayed in one hotel qualifies as one paid stay.

To be eligible for this offer, each stay would need to be individually booked in the name on your account, you must check into the hotel, and you need to pay the hotel directly for the stay.  You are not eligible to earn credit for stays in another name (even that of a friend or family member), stays booked as part of a group or package, or stays booked and paid through a third party.

This information is visible by clicking on the following link for the Marriott Rewards online terms and conditions.

Incidental credit, redemption stays, timeshare owner stays during a designated owner week, stays in ExecuStay, and stays Marriott Executive Apartment properties do not earn credit toward this offer.  Also, Elite nights that appear as non-stay nights in your account do not qualify for this offer.

Please reply to this email if you would like to accept this offer, and I will register your account.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance and for making Marriott your preferred hotel chain.


Previously, Marriott Rewards used to reply within few hours/up to a day. Maybe their response times for Gold members are longer than if you are Platinum?

I have some stays coming up in locales where I could choose Marriott instead of some other options, so decided to do this. Should have the required nine stays in by the end of May.

I had plenty of Marriott stays in the mid-2000’s, but recently most of my stays have been at other chains. I do feel that it makes sense to keep the Platinum status, however, due to being lifetime PLT member eventually (should probably just do “few” meetings to get there earlier).

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