Fabulous Fridays: Caviar Service In International First Class (With Additional Servings)


Sometimes in flight dining can get a little boring and even with the option of pre-ordering your meal I find it’s always something special to have Caviar Service available in First Class.

SQ Caviar ServiceSome airlines have eliminated caviar altogether from their flights, even in First Class while other even offer additional servings to their passengers.

It pretty much depends on the airline and then the route to determine if you will be able to enjoy caviar on your flight. For example First Class on Thai Airways Tokyo to Bangkok does not offer it while Singapore Airlines does serve it on Tokyo to Singapore, even though only one serving per passenger as it’s being catered based on the amount of passengers booked (as per the flight attendant, not 100% sure if that’s true). Since the distances to BKK & SIN are similar one can say that Thai Airways is has a cheaper service than Singapore Airlines which is really not surprising.

The feature image is from Los Angeles Tokyo, Flight SQ 11. There were only 4 passengers in the cabin and the flight attendants offered me 3 servings during the flight. Below is the caviar course on NRT-SIN.

SQ Caviar TYO-SINAirlines who do not serve caviar in First Class anymore include British Airways, United Airlines and (surprisingly) Etihad while others such as Qantas brought caviar service back into their premium cabin.

Lufthansa always held on to their signature caviar in First Class and of course the two big players from the Middle East Emirates and Qatar Airways proudly serve it as well.

The below pictures are from Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways CaviarQatar Caviar ServingThe presentation always varies a little in the detail, for example the Mother of Pearl caviar spoon which Qatar provides while other airlines supply regular cutlery (the horror! – just kidding).


Little details such as these make a difference for First Class these days just like the general catering and supply of good champagne since the seats in Business Class got better and better in the recent years. There is very little difference between Business and First seats and the only way to really distance the service classes from each other are privacy, catering and ground services. Of course some products such as Singapore Airlines Suites or Etihad Apartments/Residence are still a class of their own.

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