Compensation Clinic: The Westin Europa & Regina Venice


This week the Compensation Clinic case comes from a yours truly stay at the Westin affiliated hotel in Venice where I had a stay last week.

Compensation Clinic The Westin Europa & Regina Venice

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You can access the Westin Europe & Regina’s website here.

I had two issues during my stay:

1. Breakfast

Even when breakfast is included in the club lounge or restaurant, I tend to skip it. I am not a breakfast person. I had been up since 6AM and the breakfast was going until 10:30AM at this hotel.

Went to the restaurant and nobody was seating guests. Picked up a table and requested Earl Grey tea with sweetener and milk that waitress soon brought for me.

Gave her an order for Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon instead of bacon and the sauce on the side.

The waitress hadn’t actually understood what I had ordered. Someone came to tell me that 10 minutes after I had placed it. Decided to eat something outside of hotel.

2. Knocking at the door

This is a huge pet peeve of mine and cannot really understand why hotels cannot fix it.

As I had been up quite early in the morning and was going to take late train to Milan in the evening, I wanted to have a nap in the afternoon. I had Do Not Disturb-sign hanging outside.

Someone thought that it was good idea to start knocking at 2PM and enter the room. I had 4PM check out as a Platinum member.

Meeting with manager

At the time of checking out, I requested to speak with the MOD with whom I had already communicated after each of these two incidents.

She apologized for the disturbance and the issue at the breakfast. She promised to post 500 Starpoints for the breakfast. Well. It wasn’t my Platinum amenity choice but included in the rate that I had booked (Best Rate Guarantee with an additional 20% off).

I said that an acceptable choice would be 3,000 Starpoints for each of the two incidents. She said that she would need to consult with the Hotel Manager. You would think that Manager on Duty would have an authority to issue such a small number of points?

Compensation Clinic The Westin Europa & Regina Venice Post

She promised to get back to me by email after having a word with the Hotel Manager and she did. The 6,000 Starpoints also posted to my account without any delays.


I had actually flown into Venice from Asia and was going to fly out two days later. I tend to sleep when I am tired and cannot understand the difficulty hotels have with non-disturbing guests when the DNDs are hanging out.

It is unimaginable for me why hotels are not able to train their employees that rooms/suites are not to be entered or knocked when the DND is on. Apologizing is fine, but I don’t believe that anything happens unless it costs the hotel.

On a side note, I did like the hotel and the internet also worked perfectly that is sometimes a challenge with hotels in Italy.

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