Whine Wednesday: Late Priority Baggage Delivery At Many Airports & Airlines


This week, Whine Wednesday is going to reflect on a pet peeve of mine that I experience again and again: Priority Baggage being delivered on the belt way way towards the end of the delivery process.

WW Priority BaggageSometimes the reason for this is short staffing, negligence by the baggage handlers or simple incompetence of the station management.

I don’t check baggage that often but if I do then one of the big advantages of flying First/Business Class or even just having Elite Status is the option to skip the long check-in lines and also have the Priority Baggage benefit of ‘first out’ delivery.

It really depends on what airline you fly and which airport you arrive at to determine if this works properly.

Hong Kong Airport recently is always a disaster but simply because the airport is hopelessly choked with traffic. Often it’s that bad that the baggage handling system is overwhelmed and announcements are made that it takes extra long (I remember last year in April I waited fo 90 minutes after my BA flight from London). Cairo was an absolute horror as well. Arriving on Lufthansa the bag came out at the very last.

Arriving on SWISS in Montreal, even in First Class with F Bagggage Tag was not much better. the delivery system worked but it came always at the very last I stopped flying there on Swiss and the problem was solved. Air Canada gets it done properly.

At Bangkok arriving on Singapore Airlines I had mixed experiences last week. I checked in two pieces, one came right away the other all the way at the end. Go figure. Maybe sometimes customs pulls certain bags aside for screening?


I only check bags for three reasons: Heavy work material, if the baggage contains liquids or if I’m going on a really long trip through different climate zones (can’t squeeze all that in a carry on). If at all possible I don’t check in baggage. Heck, I don’t even use the check in counter. It is my belief that any and all contact with staff along your journey just adds complication and that’s why I love the options of online check-in, mobile boarding pass and self boarding.

As far as the delivery of baggage is concerned, whenever something is messed up I make it a point to send it a complaint about it. I’m sure just my email won’t make a difference but if this issue is chronic at a certain airport maybe one day things will change if enough people complain.

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