Fabulous Fridays: Honest Japanese


After flight delays and involuntarily downgrade (read more here), I found myself in Osaka last Saturday night and decided to hit few bars.

Fabulous Fridays Honest Japanese

Well. The night was very successful in the number of adult beverages consumed, but somehow my phone was left behind and I had no idea where.

The Google maps was able to get the approximate location of the phone and it matched with some unused drink chits that I had in my pocket.

Later in the evening a Japanese friend of mine was able to call the bar and my phone was there. The only problem was that I was going to be in Kyoto for three nights in between. Just to be on the safe side, I decided to remotely wipe the phone.

And the phone indeed was still waiting for me in Wednesday night when I was back in Osaka.


Japan is definitely worth visiting during the Cherry Blossom season, although the best dates vary based on the weather.

When I couldn’t find my phone on Sunday morning, the likelihood that I would get it back was close to zero (my thoughts). Glad that Google keeps history of your goings (well – use those for marketing purposes) and that Japanese actually turn in phones they find.

On a side note, it would have been cheaper just to buy a new phone than pick up the S6 that I had left behind considering the amount of money we ended up spending in that watering hole on Wednesday night….

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