Reader Question: When To Complain? Case Park Hyatt Paris Vendome


A LoyaltyLobby reader left a comment about unsatisfactory stay at the Park Hyatt Vendome hotel in Paris and how they should have approached the issue.

Reader Question Park Hyatt Vendome

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I have a whine that’s been bothering me. I’m wonder how you would have handled it. In short, we splurged to stay at the park Hyatt Paris vendome for 3 days of our Paris stay. We could only afford 3. The other nights were spent elsewhere with a fabulous experience.

From the time we arrived to the time we left park Hyatt vendome we were disappointed. But we’re not complainers. How do you tell a hotel manager that you have diamond status and are at a 5 star hotel but are getting a 2 star treatment? Sounds like whining. I was so upset that I wrote a lengthy tripadvisor post.

The manager explained it was women’s fashion week so that’s why we didn’t get an upgrade and he apologized for the 2 star treatment. He did not diagree that we were given the worst room at the h otel.

I’m still so disappointed. I travel every week for work so this was supposed to be special time for my husband and me. Everything was great except for feeling shafted by the hotel. Is this a legitimate whine?

And here are few points from the TripAdvisor review:

No suite upgrades were available when we checked in because of fashion week. Okay? I understand that but I’m pretty sure we got one of the smallest rooms at the hotel. So no room upgrade either. Room was lovely in a way but small with only space for one very small upholstered chair.
So no Place for us to sit as a couple other than one on the bed or in an office chair.

Our room was too small for a couch. We just wanted some place to relax where one of us wasn’t literally sitting on the bed or in an office chair.

Lastly breakfast was meh. High price (complementary to us) but I think of the buffets I’ve had at other park hyatts and other 4 and 5 star hotels, this one was completely lacking. Excellent pastries but seriously no international choices besides French and American ?


Sometimes the stay just doesn’t work out. When you were dissatisfied basically immediately after checking in, you should have let the manager know that you were not happy and would move to another hotel if nothing can be done.

I don’t think that it is worthwhile staying for three nights feeling miserable about the room and services provided.

The Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond upgrades are based on availability. I always try to make sure that I am not in any given city when there is an event around that fulfills all the hotels and make upgrades difficult or non-existent. This apply to all chains.

And yes. I been in a situation where I have received fantastic upgrade in a lesser quality hotel (perceived) and then having received nothing at the top end one.

I had unsatisfactory experience at the Park Hyatt Milan that I wrote about here. Many readers disagreed. When you choose to stay at the top end Park Hyatt hotel, you just expect things to work and that the service provided is borderline flawless.

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