Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Status Match UPDATE – Now Requiring Flight Activity!


Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles, one of the only constantly available status match options appears to have amended their match policy which now requires flight activity for the matched Gold status to become permanent.

TK Gold_largePreviously Turkish Airlines matched for a whole two year membership period which now has been adjusted, likely to avoid ‘Dead Matches’ from people who only use it for lounge access. I can imagine there are quite a few ‘elite customers’ who never actually collect any mileage on TK but enjoy the Gold benefits of lounge access etc while putting the miles into another Star Alliance program.

John wrote the last update about Turkish Airlines Status Matches back in 2013 (access here) so I decided it’s time to get an updated review of their policy.

I inquired with their Miles&Smiles team through the web form and it was an ordeal to say the least. First I sent them LH Miles&More Senator credentials which they did not accept. Then I submitted my British Airways Gold details and never received a reply for 3 weeks. I resubmitted everything and today Tukrish Airlines sent me the following:

Welcome to Miles&Smiles Turkish Airlines’ advantageous Frequent Flyer Programme. Elite card trial period will be valid for 4 months. As of start date of elite membership within 4 months trial period one international Turkish Airlines flight should be realised for extending your card validity date to 1 year, if 15.000 status miles accumulate at the end of the first year elite membership will extend 1 year more and the total validity date will be 2 years.

So it appears the times of ‘Free for all’ 2 year matches are over. 1 flight within four months sounds reasonable, I will have to look into a Fifth Freedom option in Asia if there is still any around. 15,000 Miles isn’t a high requirement either to push the match to two year validity.


I can see Turkish Airlines motivation for adding a small flight requirement in order to get rid of all the non-customers who never actually fly TK or add any miles to their Miles&Smiles account. I find their regulations fair, at least the status is still instant and you have the benefits right away.