Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer: Very Reasonable Service Fees For Award Handling


After I’ve redeemed several tickets using Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer in the past two months I noticed how reasonable their award handling charges are, especially when comparing to most other programs.

SQ KF Service FeesDate changes, routing changes or completely cancelling an award ticket can be expensive with some programs where fees for such ‘services’ can range up to 200$.

I never really paid that much attention to Singapore Airlines fees in that regards because usually all my bookings are max a week out so I rarely get into the situation where I ever need to change or cancel an award.

This weekend for the first time in maybe two years I considered to change my award ticket from Auckland to Hong Kong and had a look at the Krisflyer Fee Chart (access here).

KrisFlyer Service FeesThe first thing you notice when looking at this chart is that date changes are completely free of charge which is very generous already.

For no shows and/or changes less than 24 hours prior to departure KrisFlyer charges a 75US$ fee which is also not bad considering not all award programs allow no shows in the first place.

Should you wish to change your route, cabin class or award type online (for example if there is a lower redemption option such as’ Saver’ available sometime after your original booking) this only costs you 12 US$ or 20US$ if you consult the call center. Keep in mind that for things like a class of service mix you always have to call the hotline and this fee is usually waived as you can’t do it online.

A cancellation and redeposit of the miles ends up at 30 US$ for the transaction for General (Blue) Members and 15US$ for KrisFlyer Elites (Silver and above).


Comparing that with programs like United MIleage plus that recently wanted to charge me 200$ for cancellation and redeposit of a domestic award ticket (I didn’t pay for it, one of the flights to Aspen had a change and that made me eligible for free cancellation) these KrisFlyer fees are not only reasonable but so low it’s not even worth a second thought.

Considering most changes and refunds are being processed electronically these days there is really no reason at all to charge the customer outrageous fees and I’m happy to see KrisFlyer following a thoughtful route here.

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