Why I purchased 50,000 Marriott Rewards Points (Yet Again)?


Marriott Rewards members can purchase up to 50,000 points every calendar year from Points.com that handles the sale.

Marriott Rewards United Airlines MileagePlus Bonus Purchased Again

Purchased points cost $625 for 50,000 and I cannot remember an instance when they would have been on sale (unlike with most of airline and hotel related points).

You can access Marriott’s web page for buying points here.

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So, the price of a point purchased from Marriott is ($625/50,000) 1.25 US cents each.

I have advocated that people should use their Marriott Rewards points towards issuing Travel Packages (read more here) that come with set number of airlines miles + one week at Marriott hotel.

There are several different options for the number of airline miles + Marriott Rewards award categories.

I have always issued the Travel Package at the 270,000 Marriott Rewards points that comes with 120,000 airlines miles + one week at category 1 – 5 hotels.

Due to the RewardsPlus partnership between Marriott and United (read more here), you can earn 10% conversion bonus from Marriott making the number of deposited miles 132,000 (120,000 * 1.1).

In top of that, United Airlines is currently offering an additional 25% bonus (read more here) for conversions made from Marriott Rewards that ends today (maxed at 25,000 bonus miles).

This means that redeeming 270,000 Marriott Rewards points I will receive 157,000 United Airlines miles + one week at category 1 – 5 Marriott hotels.


I have used all my Marriott Rewards points for issuing Travel Packages because they just make sense as long as you can commit to spending a week at Marriott hotel for each one issues. You can extend each Travel Package minimum of one time, although I have extended few more than once.

The Marriott points purchase that I made yesterday posted to my account today. Seems that they probably sweep them daily from Points to Marriott.