Reminder: Don’t Throw Excess Pillows On The Floor When In Hotel Rooms!


One thing that always baffles me is when hotels have tons and tons of extra pillows on the beds that are not being used for sleeping purposes and you have to get rid of them.

Excess PillowsAt the same time you see it on tv and also at times live in person that people just dump these pillows on the floor which is utterly disgusting.

These decorative pillows are usually not being washed in the same frequency as the regular bed sheets that cover the pillows you use during the night.

Think about it for one moment where you walked around all day long and then you enter your hotel room which very often still has carpets. And then imagine the decor pillow that leans on your regular pillows was thrown on that floor by the previous guest and then placed right back up there by housekeeping in preparation of your room.

It’s gross, unhygienic and one of the most revolting things that you can encounter in a hotel room without even knowing it. Don’t like a dirty shower? What about a pillow where you rest your head on, where do you throw them?


Three words: Don’t do it! If there are extra pillows on the bed place them on the chair, ottoman or anywhere else but on the floor. You wouldn’t do it at home either.

I would just love if the hotels would generally do away with these extra decor pillows as they are usually ugly, don’t serve any purpose and are dust/dirt catchers.

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