UPDATE: IHG Rewards Club Book Direct 30,000 Bonus Points For Three Stays March 15 – August 31, 2016 (Also Valid In Pacific)


When I have previously written about this IHG Rewards Club’s Book Direct Promotion for up to 30,000 points (read more here, here & here), it has been unclear if the promo is applicable for stays in Pacific (Australasia).

IHG Rewards Club 30,000 Bonus Posting Update

I have not had stays in Australia/New Zealand during this promotion, but Sebastian just visited Auckland and had couple of stays at IHG properties.

You can access this promotion on IHG’s website here.

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Here’s what posted for these two stays in Auckland:

IHG Rewards Club OTA Book Direct 2016 Pacific

The bonus points for the first and the second stays posted just fine. Note that the 1,000 bonus points for this promotion posted before he had had any stays. This proves that you can get the sign up points per the promo T&Cs merely registering for it.

Here’s refresher about this promo from one of the previous posts:

Note that for some reason the promo page  may show the old promo from last year. When I use the link from the email that IHG sent, it shows the promo below. You can register for this offer using direct promo link (access here).

This offer is not valid for stays in China, Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan.

Here’s the email that IHG sent out:

IHG Rewards Club 30,000 Bonus Email Text

Here’s the web page:

IHG Rewards Club 30,000 Bonus Website

Here’s how the bonus promos add up:

IHG Rewards Club 30,000 Bonus Points

Here’s the promo registration:

IHG Rewards Club 30,000 Bonus Points Confirmation

Here’s how the promo tracks on My Offer Status (access here).

IHG Rewards Club 30,000 Bonus Points My Offer Status


There were questions from readers on those previous posts how far in the “Pacific” this promo applies. Now I can say for sure that at least Australia and New Zealand are included. Still not sure if French Polynesia is but I would imagine yes.

This is great promo for those that have their account address in Asia-Pacific (excluding Greater China), Middle East or Africa.