Hertz Caught Fabricating Rental Damages In Australia


Sydney Morning Herald was reporting on Tuesday that Hertz had admitted charging renters in Australia for vehicle damages that had been preexisting.

Hertz Australia

Hertz had also charged excess for repairs where it had received discounts for replacements parts.

You can access the piece on Sydney Morning Herald’s website here of which below is an excerpt:

Rental car giant Hertz has been forced to refund hundreds of aggrieved customers amounts totalling $395,000 because it had charged them for damage they did not cause.

Following an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission investigation, Hertz admitted that between November 2013 and August last year it had incorrectly charged customers for causing damage to a rental car that was in fact pre-existing.

“This case serves as a message to vehicle rental companies that they must have robust compliance procedures in place to ensure they do not contravene the Australian Consumer Law by incorrectly charging customers for damage they are not responsible for,” said ACCC deputy chair Michael Schaper.


What a surprise! Rental car company charging for damages that were caused by previous renters and also overcharging for the repairs?

It is about the time these government agencies take a look at these fake “damages” that apparently Hertz has been charging in Australia (may be for several renters in a row).