READER COMMENT: Souls Not Passengers (Or Self Loading Cargo) On AA?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a photo he had taken yesterday on American Airlines flight to Atlanta that had the passenger manifest hanging in the galley and the number of “souls” listed instead of passengers (or self loading cargo as some FAs may call them).

American Airlines Souls U

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Here’s the email:

Sitting in first class on an AA flight to ATL, I saw the passenger manifest hanging up front. It showed a handwritten note of the total number of passengers, apparently referring to them as “souls” (see attached picture). I don’t know if this is common terminology in the airline industry or not. The initial impression is that AA views everyone onboard as more than just a paying passenger–or at least the flight crew for this flight did. Anyways, I thought it was interesting and wanted to pass this along.


I have more than once had a look at the pax manifests that have been laying around in the galley on my way to the lavatory to see how many elite members the cabin has. Airlines really should take more care of this info (my opinion).

It is nice to call passengers “souls” rather than derogatory terms that FAs sometimes use when they have issues with the management.