Watch Out For Qatar Airways Business Class Specials Ticketed In R-Fare Class (Corrected)


Qatar Airways has launched a new super discounted business fare class R that it uses on some (most of mine) of the most competitive routes.

Qatar R BA U

The problem with this R class that it has not credited to most partners at all. When I had a look at British Airways tier points calculator, they had just added it with full TPs. BA still excludes the R fare class from earning anything.

Here’s what AA gives your for R:

Qatar R AA

American Airlines doesn’t have this fare class listed and thus nothing.

Here’s QR’s OSL-BKK some fares:

Qatar R EF

Qatar uses R fare class as their absolute lowest business class fare and it is not available in all markers.


You always have to be very careful with fare classes that airlines use and especially for those in economy. Haven’t come across any paid business class that wouldn’t credit to partners, although this was the has been the case with this QR’s R special for the past few weeks.

I would assume that American Airlines will update their Qatar Airways fare class table at some point, but until they do you won’t earn anything for these business class specials.

EDIT: I made mistake on the BA earning Avios search. I had Qatar Airways as the chosen carrier but for some reason it must have been defaulted to BA at some point when I made the search for this city pair that I am on today, although not in R class.

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