READER QUESTION: Moving IHG Rewards Club Account To Another Country Due to Promo?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question that must be on the minds of many IHG Rewards Club members due to promotions requiring you to have your account in certain country/region.

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Here’s the email from the reader in Brazil:

So, I just renewed my Gold Ambassador with IHG and my packge was delivered yestarday in Brazil (must say is the first time in four years it arrives without some sort of claim to Amabassador line after months of waiting). Well, I’m heading to Asia/Middle East next month and I have already two paid stays to happen in HI Phi Phi and InterCon The City in Doha (could make a third to happen too).

I do feel tempted to change my addres in IHG files to take benefit of the current pomo for stays in Asia (any hotel`s address in Thailand, let`s say?). Do you think there is any risk for my account to be blocked or something by IHG? Those extra points could be quite useful for a future trip to NYC in October…

Any thoughts? Thanks a lot!


Well. I have had my IHG Rewards Club account in United States, somewhere in Europe and now in Asia due to the promotions that they run.

I would say that as long as you can receive mail at the address that you provide you are good to go. I would not use fabricated address that doesn’t belong to you or to you friends from where your mail would bounce.

When I move my account address to let’s say in Asia, I just leave it there for as long as there are no promos elsewhere with address requirement. I moved my account to US for the MasterCard promo that IHG had last year and then back to Asia last month to complete the Book Direct promo that the reader is probably referring to.

IHG Rewards Club closed accounts when there were number of overlapping promotions (sometimes 10+) that you could sign up for and then they would post for a stay. Some members opened multiple accounts and IHG caught them. There hasn’t been recent account closures outside of China that I wrote about last month (access here).