Flight From “Hell”: Qatar Airways 773 Doha – Buenos Aires


Well. I had rather interesting flight yesterday from Doha to Buenos Aires that has a stop and crew change in Sao Paulo. Qatar Airways flies this route on less than stellar Boeing 777-200LR on 2-2-2 config in business and NO WiFi.

Flight From Hell QR733

What made the flight rather interesting was not the crew or the equipment but rather the passengers! Thank god this flight was rather empty in business.

1. Drunk Passenger

The person on the photo above to rather tipsy towards the end of the first leg (Sao Paulo). He was massaging his feet and singing karaoke.

2. Chinese Yoga

It is good to stretch on these long flights but I usually do it in the galley or next to the emergency exit. I took couple of video but don’t want to identify the passengers.

3. Passengers From Economy

At some point during the flight, passenger from economy came to sit in business class with a child (and looking for amenity kits – which are garage on QR anyway). I noted the FA when she came to bring me some tea and soon they were on they way to back.

Not sure how full the flight on economy was, but few passengers were storing their stuff in the business class overhead compartments and came to withdraw/check their stuff during the flight.


It is sometimes rather amusing to observe what other passengers do in the plane.

I have long time ago stopped drinking alcohol just because it is “free”. No point getting tipsy during the flight drinking Billecart Salmon or the rose champagne that Qatar has on these flights. Had it been Dom Perignon Rose 2003 that Emirates had in F when I flew with them last time then maybe……

The Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires segment was even lighter in business and moved to the forward cabin with less interesting pax mix that I would have preferred during the entire flight.

And I wish that Qatar Airways could install inflight internet to these Boeing planes that it uses on these longest routes. It is painful not being able to do anything for 18+ hours.