WARNING: ATM Issues At Buenos Aires EZE (Ezeiza) Airport In Argentina


Cannot remember that last time I used an ATM machine in Argentina to withdraw money due to the Dolar Blu that was prevalent during the previous president’s time. There was significant spread between the “official” rate and the informal one to exchange notes to Argentinean pesos.

WARNING ATM Issues Buenos Aires EZE Airport

This spread is now gone and credit cards can again be used in Argentina. So, when I arrived to Buenos Aires last night, I wanted to get some local cash to pay for cabs etc. that don’t accept credit cards. That’s where the problem begun.


Tried to use the to HSBC ATMs that are in the arrivals haul due to having Premier account with the bank that should come with no fee international withdrawals.

No luck. Both of the ATMs were out of cash based on the Spanish text on the screen.


My next choice was to use the Citibank ATMs that are immediately to the left when you exit the customs.

No luck either. Tried both Visa and MasterCard branded credit cards that come with free international withdrawals and the ATM didn’t support either.

How come Citibank can have ATMs that don’t take Visa or MasterCard or were both out of cash and the error message just simply wrong?

Banco de la Nacional Argentina

WARNING ATM Issues Buenos Aires EZE Airport Banco

Decided to walk to the domestic terminal to find other ATMs and there was this Banco de la Nacional Argentina with couple of ATMs that didn’t have any stickers about the cards they would take.

Tried to withdraw 2K ARS first ($133) and got some cryptic error message in Spanish. Same when I chose 1,500 ARS but withdrawal of 1,000 ($67) went through.

Ridiculous Fees!

WARNING ATM Issues Buenos Aires EZE Airport Fee

The ATM charges 88.80 pesos ($6) for the privilege of able to withdraw $67. Absolutely ridiculous!


ATMs without cash, cryptic error messages in Spanish and ridiculous fees when they dispense $67. Gotta love Argentina! Wonder if these same issues plague ATMs in the city center as well?

Credit card acceptance is high in Argentina and the need of cash is no longer that great due to the real FX rate (and not the fake once during the previous presidency). I just wish that they would abolish that ridiculous fee and would allow some reasonable withdrawal amounts

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