Chinese Selfies In Japanese Cherry Trees


Chinese tourists have received bad publicity in Japan after Japanese television station exposed their activity with the cherry trees.

Chinese Tourists Cherry Season Japan

Shanghaaist (access here) reported on their website with photos about the “Cherry Selfies” that these tourists had taken after climbing to the trees and causing damage to them.

You can access the entire article here of which below is an excerpt:

Instead, visitors were photographed climbing Japan’s iconic cherry trees, grabbing branches and just generally causing mayhem as broken blossoms rained down from above, all in the blind pursuit of snapping some pretty pictures.

Chinese Tourists Cherry Season Japan 1

In their report, the Japanese news anchors mocked the Chinese tourists behavior as “Chinese-style flower viewing” and also recommended that a special zone be set up just for Chinese tourists, NetEase reports.

Chinese Tourists Cherry Season Japan 2

Chinese netizens online also joined in the chorus to mock and shame their countrymen:

“Our fellow compatriots are still really amazing, before they would just lose face inside the country, now they know to go abroad,” one netizen joked.

Chinese Tourists Cherry Season Japan 3

“They look a lot like public officials from Shanghai or Jiangsu,” another wrote in.

“I don’t know how you can look. I look and I feel ashamed, disgusted by this group of uncivilized bastards,” another netizen lamented.


I was just in Kyoto two weeks ago at the beginning of the cherry blossom season (would have been better a week later) and the city is definitely worth visiting, although hotels are bit on the expensive side.

People should really give up on these selfish selfies and not just the Chinese that got caught causing damage to the cherry trees.

Chinese get plenty of bad rap lately, but you have to bear in mind that they have become one of the largest group of tourists in many countries/destinations. It will probably get some time before they get accustomed with the acceptable behavior at these destinations.