American LAX-MIA AA204 Flight Delay & Denied Boarding Mess Documented on YouTube


Seems that American Airlines had rather unpleasant flight cancellation late last night/early this morning at the LAX. The flight AA204 was destined to Miami.

The flight had former MSNBC and Current TV guy on the flight that they apparently ended up denied boarding due to pilot feeling “uncomfortable” with him.

Here’s an excerpt what Mediate wrote about the incident (access the entire piece here):

Former MSNBC and Current TV host and founder of pioneering web news show The Young Turks Cenk Uygur had a bad Friday night/Saturday morning, and he shared it with the world. After sitting through a four-hour delay at LAX for his flight to Miami, Uygur announced, via Twitter, that American Airlines had kicked him off the flight.

In this social media age, Uygur was also able to document the ordeal via streaming Facebook video. He began his streamcast calmly enough, after about an hour delay. Two hours in, a frustrated Cenk passes the time by updating the status of his flight, and taking questions from his Facebook followers. Three hours in, Uygur “went from Fun Cenk to Angry Cenk,” as evidenced by the title of his next video, “American Airlines is a super shitty airline!”



The YouTube video is rather entertaining and demonstrates what is going on with the US airlines. Apparently this guy had been broadcasting this live on Facebook and someone had pieced together this YouTube video.

The guy was on a correct saying that is there any other business that can screw their customers as much as the airlines often do by canceling, delaying, overbooking, and doing whatever they want with the passengers without having to pay proper compensation. Cannot come up with one.