Compensation Clinic: Case ANA Intercontinental Tokyo Akasaka-Roppongi


This week the Compensation Clinic makes a brief stop in Tokyo where I had one of the worst stays at an Intercontinental for quite some time from beginning to end.

IC TOKYO ANAAs soon as I posted about it on my personal Facebook I had two friends commenting they also had bad experiences there so at least I was assured it’s not just me this time.

Usually I tend to go by saying ‘How bad can a 5 star hotel really be?’ but after many disappointments over the years I should stop doing that and research a bit better before booking properties for the first time.

This Friday, Tokyo appeared to be very busy and my usual options of the Hyatt chain were all sold out. Since I planned to meet up with friends in the Roppongi area for dinner the same evening I decided to book the ANA Intercontinental Tokyo which is just down the street from Roppongi Hills.

I have been to the Grand Hyatt before but not to the IC so before booking I called up the hotel and inquired with the Concierge about transportation options. I was told to take the Limousine Bus from Haneda and that it would run until late. Fair enough!

Unfortunately after arriving from Taipei short before 6pm I was told there is no more bus to the entire area that day, the last one leaving at 2:15pm. Great job Concierge! Next time I call my butcher, it’s the same result. I ended up going to Shinjuku and then taking the Metro following by a hike down the road. What a pain in the rear!

Upon arrival I was given a room with 2 beds even though I specified to receive a King Bed. During the entire time of check-in it wasn’t mentioned what room type I’d be getting so I assumed it’s fine and as per the preferences.

After discovering the bed situation and already reaching 9pm I asked for the Hotel Manager to contact me and in the meantime I checked for other hotel options in the area. The Hyatt still being sold out and the reservations not answering the phone I finally managed to get a simple King Size Bed room. The hotel manager promised to call back next morning which never happened and that brought the barrel to the point of overflow.

I then had a chat with the Front Office Manager who was the first professional person I encountered in that entire hotel. It was agreed to that the night will be refunded and 50,000 points placed into my IHG Rewards account.

IC TYOI seriously don’t know where the remainder of the staff employed at the IC ANA Tokyo (there are two – The IC Strings is supposedly better!) went to hospitality school but this property is a disgrace considering the service level as well as the condition of the furniture in the rooms.

I had another stay booked in the coming week but decided to cancel it for obvious reasons.


I don’t stay at Intercontinental Hotel all that regular and actually just started to pick up on my stays again after my trip to New Zealand. I don’t get how a concierge at a 5 Star hotel can’t get transportation information right and how things are possible to be mishandled in such a manner even by senior management. I believe the outcome is fair and I will continue to stick to Hyatt when in Tokyo.