Reader Question: Best Available Room Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond Benefit? Case: Andaz Maui At Wailea


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email about the Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond benefit of getting upgraded to best available room per the program T&Cs.

Reader Question Andaz Maui

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I have been your readers for more than two years, and I want to talk about a recent stay at the Andaz Maui At Wailea on March 17-19. The TripAdvisor link is here.

“One week before the stay I called the property twice to leave a note on some special settings since this is an important trip for me, on the day of arrival I called again but both reservation manager and the front desk can find nothing on my reservation. That is fine, I just repeat it and asked for a better room as I am diamond member.

The front desk at first agreed to give me a partial ocean view room for my two night stay, but I checked online there are still ocean view rooms available that day, so I tried to fight for it and they told me if I want that room I need to pay additional 150 USD per night.

I asked for the reservation manager since I thought I could have it like most of the other hotels will do. Then the funniest part comes, the reservation manager is in cold manner kept saying no and insist on the 150 USD per night, I stated that for diamond member I should have the best room available, and since it is about noon so why you want it to be empty that night instead of giving it out for good.

He told me again in cold manner that the term is best room IN CATALOG, which means if I booked a garden view room, the best room I could get is “the best garden view room” by diamond member terms, I am like, what?!

Well as a diamond member this is not the first time in a Hyatt property and I know my perks, I said are you sure about this, and quickly googled the terms on my phone in case they did change it. And I stated the terms to him again saying there is no “IN CATALOG” there in the term, the reservation manager said sorry immediately but still in cold manner, seems like he is not surprised that “his term” is not right, he seems like knowing he is lying to me.

This is totally unacceptable for me, as a reservation manager trying to lie to diamond members betting them not aware of their perks just try to make some extra money here? He agreed to give me that room finally but I would need to move for the second night, however, at the time I checked in the front desk told me my room is still a partial ocean view room! So the manager did not do anything after he promised me that room! Are you kidding? “

The key thing here is I feel like the hotel is trying to lie to their customer and I really feel pissed off in the whole process. They stated they have two systems running in the hotel reservation side, so they can easily blame to the system when they did not see my note or not to feel sorry. They finally gave me an ADA ocean view king room for two nights, it is possible that this room is just freed by someone who may cancelled it but it is also possible that the hotel is not willing to give out for free at the first place. The most unacceptable part is that the reservation manager is trying to lie to its diamond member, clearly he knew the term well otherwise he should at least look it up immediately not just to keep quite, he is taking chance here in case I am not sure or so.

I have not got any reply after I complained at the check in&out also on tripadvisor. This is by far the worst experience talking to a hotel. Just want to share with you and would like to know if it was you what would you do?


Hyatt and Hyatt Gold Passport are gradually losing the “Hyatt Touch” if there is any left at this point. They have lost the control of the properties and procedures when it comes to the service and loyalty program benefits.

As the reader correctly points out here, the Diamond room upgrade benefit is to the “Best Available Room” and not to the best room within the category or one category upgrade. Many properties try to play game with this including Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur where I had to argue about this when the hotel first opened.

The reader probably caused most harm to the property by leaving that glowing two star review on TripAdvisor. Another option is to open a case with the Hyatt also when it comes to unfilled Diamond benefits.

At this point, however, I don’t believe that Hyatt cares.