Is This The Worst Hyatt Club Lounge Outside North America? Case: Hyatt Regency Tokyo


We have been toying with the idea of bringing you a new series and in the process also ask our readers to submit your candidates for the ‘Worlds Worst’. Today: The Club Lounge at the Hyatt Regency Tokyo.

Hyatt Regency TokyoUsually Club Lounges at international properties outside North America and especially in Asia are quite nice but some are a disaster and the one at the Hyatt Regency Tokyo certainly so.

I have been staying at this hotel more than 20 times for the simple reason of the Hyatt Gold Passport redemption value being excellent during private stays and when I’m in Tokyo on business we also get good rates at most of the Hyatt properties.

While I think the hotel provides excellent value especially for Gold Passport redemptions I think that the Executive Lounge is grotesque from what is being offered in the evening hours and very borderline in the mornings as well.

For one I think the hotel doesn’t dedicate enough staff to the service and I always feel sorry for the two staff members who are constantly running to clear items and restock the little spread and beverages. There are always tables full of dirty dishes simply because there are at least 1-2 staff missing, meaning the hotel saves on staffing (one could say they are cheap!).

That brings me to the second point, the spread in the evening hours. Here is what was offered one evening this week:

Hyatt BuffetPickled vegetables, Parmesan Cheese, Soft Cheese and crackers. Really?

There were two types of hot dishes on a menu, some variation of dried pork and shrimp with tomato sauce next to a small dessert and half a cherry tomato with mozzarella.

Hyatt Hot DishesA guest came in and wanted to order both dishes and was told ‘We actually ask our guests to select ONE of the two items’. What the heck is that all about? I didn’t have this problem but I ordered with the lounge concierge since the service staff was busy at the moment. ONE of the super tiny dishes? You got to be kidding me. The shrimp was ok, the pork not really my thing. But even the cold spread is unacceptable.

The next impression is what was for breakfast one wonderful January morning a few months ago.

Hyatt Breakfast FriesFrench Fries for breakfast at a Hyatt Regency? What’s next, chicken fingers and hot dogs? Something like this is grotesque in my opinion. There are some other options as well and I think the breakfast overall is alright but only borderline. I wouldn’t necessarily get up for it if I was on the brink of sleeping another hour instead. And that’s the next point.

The lounge hours have just been reduced by one more hour and also the breakfast ends every morning at 10am including on weekends. 10am for Regency Club guests who pay a premium for the (doubtful) privilege of dining there is just nuts. During the week maybe but not on weekends.

Hyatt Lounge HoursOverall I think it’s better to make your schedule and only use the club lounge at the Hyatt Regency Tokyo when it’s coincides with your times of being at the hotel. You can eat very well everywhere in Tokyo and there is absolutely no reason to visit this lounge, let alone pay for the access to it.


The Hyatt is not alone, the Hilton Tokyo next door also has ridiculous lounge opening hours which has to be mentioned in all fairness.

Nevertheless I find this particular lounge one of the worst that are available within the entire Hyatt chain. John always says that Hyatt loses it’s ‘Hyatt Touch’ that is always proclaimed. In this case I tend to agree even though I find the quality at other hotels more or less in the upper half.

What are your ‘Worlds Worst’? Leave us some comments below or email John and myself.