Reader Comment: Renovation Work At Hilton Singapore

A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email today about significant renovation noise issue at the Hilton Singapore.

Reader Comment Hilton Singapore

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You can access Hilton Singapore’s website here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

Thought you should be aware of possible disruption during daytime hours (9a – 7p) of remodeling work at the Hilton Orchard Road in Singapore.

I am currently staying here (I have stayed here many times over the years) and was greatly disturbed by the noise yesterday morning.  However, as a frequent traveler, I understand that remodeling work does take place during the day so did not make a big deal of it.  However, when I returned to my hotel at 5:30 p.m. and the noise still continued until after 6 p.m..  As the work was being done directly above my room, it was unbearably loud and could not be drowned out by the TV.  As I am on the executive floor, I walked down the hall to speak with hotel personnel there to ask when the noise would stop and they promised to look into it.  I did not get a response.   After 20 minutes and no relief, I went down again and spoke to the Front Office Manager who was getting an earful from another gentlemen that complained that his last 5 stays have had this noise.  The Manager told me the noise would stop at 7 p.m. and they offered a new room in the meantime so I could work.  I declined as it was only another 30 minutes and went to the lounge for a drink while I waited for 7 p.m. to come around.  Mind you, the noise was better in the lounge but it was definitely not a quiet and enjoyable atmosphere with the background noise from the construction work.  Two things were most upsetting to me – (1) I was never notified at any point that construction work was going to take place during my stay and (2) that this work would extend beyond “normal” hours of 5 p.m.

To their credit, I will say that I returned to my room around 7:30 p.m. and no further noise was heard.  Around 8 p.m. the Manager sent an apology note with some candies and a half-bottle of wine.  It does not completely satisfy me but does go toward repairing my relationship with this hotel.

Did I mention that my room had obviously not been completely vacuumed before my stay and I had to special request that it be cleaned during my departure from the room during the day?

I have been a loyal customer to Hilton and especially this hotel for years but I am definitely considering other options.  I hope these 2 incidents are not a sign of management incompetence.


Hilton’s website usually has a warning in RED if hotel’s all the facilities are not open or if there is renovation work going on. There is no warning, however, when you make a reservation for this specific hotel.

Hotels really should warn quests during the reservation process if there is noise pollution during the stay. We all know why they sometimes don’t do this, however. Guests would book other properties instead.

The problem is that if there is heavy work done on one floor the noise may penetrate several floors up and down what happened at one of my stays at the InterContinental Grand Stanford in Hong Kong. At least they are not supposed to work on weekend and on Sunday morning like during one of my stays at the Grand Hyatt Bangkok (read more here).

The reader should ask for compensation as this renovation has been disruptive.