Uber Now Available In Buenos Aires

When I was in Buenos Aires last week, I opened the Uber app out of curiosity only to find out that the service not available in the city. This has now changed, however.

Uber Buenos Aires

Uber has officially launched in Argentina today and the service is now available in Buenos Aires. Taxi drivers have been protesting the service and causing traffic havoc around the city.

Here are some price examples:

Note that these are in ARS although carry the dollar sign ($). 1 USD is roughly 14.5 ARS.

Sheraton Libertador – AEP Airport

Uber Buenos Aires Libertador - AEP

Sheraton Libertador – EZE

Uber Buenos Aires Libertador - EZE

Plaza Serrano – Sheraton Convention Center

Uber Buenos Aires Serrano - Sheraton

Here’s an excerpt what Herald Sun wrote about Uber in Buenos Aires (access the entire article here)

The company said more than 20,000 Uber drivers were now available in Buenos Aires. It said it will be successful because its prices are below tariffs regularly charged by local taxi drivers. Thousands of residents of Buenos Aires had already downloaded the ride-sharing app, it said.

Local cabbies blocked several streets and avenues in protests throughout Buenos Aires. Holding signs that read “Uber (equals) road insecurity”, “Uber (equals) tax evasion” and “Uber (equals) worsening work conditions,” the taxi drivers said the service puts their livelihood at risk.

“Uber is tearing us in half,” said Daniel Capella, who has been a cabbie for 23 years. “They’re totally illegal because they’re trampling on 38,000 taxi drivers who are paying passenger insurance and all the city requirements so we can work legally.”


The unions tend to be rather strong in Argentina and undoubtedly taxi owners/drivers will protest like they have done in many other countries/cities.

It is rather interesting to see what will happen with the Uber service in the city medium/long term. Uber tends to start the service, get people like it and then work out the issues (or not) with the regulation.

I have not had issues with the taxi availability in Buenos Aires besides the fact that I received fake notes from driver once (read more here).

When Uber is available, I tend to use the service instead of taxis like in Santiago where I am currently. Took an Uber from the airport, have used the service for all my transportation needs and will take back one to the airport tomorrow night.