Is This Recycling Gone Too Far?


Sometimes when traveling you come across idiosyncrasies that are very difficult to understand. Now, I am all for recycling.. but in this case, what on earth were they thinking?

Recycling Gone Too Far

So, I was very surprised to find the names, passport and room numbers of hotel guests on the other side of a note that I was given by a front desk employee. I didn’t notice the info until I was about to throw it away.

When I spoke with the person who gave me the note this afternoon she didn’t see any issues with it. These were not current guests according to her. The manager told me that they should have never used these recycled sheets for info given to guests.


The former Marriott hotel in Buenos Aires once had an accounts receivable list on the other side of documents that I printed. In another instance, I received info with someone’s passport copy on the other side.

I am not huge fan when hotels make photocopies of a passport bio page. I doubt that these are properly destroyed after stays and you often see them laying around at the front desk. Your info may end up being on the other side of document given to guest.

I would normally name and shame the property where this happened, but it was otherwise good stay and hotels in Latin America are often dreadful.

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