IHG Rewards Club Stay Posting Issue (Non-qualifying First)


There are some issues with IHG Rewards Club right now that affects how stays are posted to member accounts.

IHG Rewards Club Stay Posting Issue

Usually the stays just post as qualifying and with the number of points based on the revenue. Right now, however, stays are first posting as non-qualifying.

You can access your IHG Rewards Club stay history here.

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Here’s how my recent stay posted:

Non-qualifying first

IHG HIX Nonqual

Then a day after as qualifying

IHG HIX Correct


This will certainly cause much confusion among IHG Rewards Club members due to the fact that stays sometimes do incorrectly post as non-qualifying and you then have to work with the customer service to have them fixed.

Seems that there must be issues with the IHG Rewards Club stay postings right now. If your stay first posts as non-qualifying, give it a day to see whether it automatically fixes itself or not before contacting IHG.

I have never understood why the “Than you for your stay” email always arrives BEFORE the actual stay has posted to your account?