Fabulous Fridays: 24 Hour Room Service

What I have come to really appreciate at hotels is that most tend to offer 24-hour room service with a sometimes limited menu after the midnight.

Fabulous Fridays 24-Hour Room Service

When you travel a lot and cross a number of time zones, you may end up getting hungry late in the evening or night while being tired at the same time. Room service then is usually the solution.

Some hotels are doing away with the 24-hour room service, however, citing costs during the overnight hours being factor. I just feel that if you are running a full service hotel this is something that guests expect (at least I do).

You tend to pay a higher price, as hotels often have a delivery charge in top of mandatory service charge or gratuity. Sometimes you just have to pay for the convenience.


What I have found when ordering room service items that soups are usually the safest choice. Salads can vary a lot in terms of quality and ingredients used. You can rarely go wrong with tomato or minestrone soup (or Thai ones if in Asia).

I tend to use room service once a week if I don’t feel going out and need soup or a salad (and when the prices are not overly inflated).