American Airlines: Passenger Urinates In Aisle, Then Passes Out In Lavatory On Charlotte-bound flight!


A male passenger on an American Airlines flight to Charlotte was arrested last weekend after he urinated into the aisle short after take off from San Francisco airport.

American B777The passenger then was directed to the bathroom by one of the flight attendants where he was found later passed out on the floor.

At the time of his arrest and subsequent interview, police detected a strong alcohol smell on the man leading them to believe that he was strongly intoxicated at the time the he boarded the flight (no surprise here).

The Charlotte Observer reported about it (access here).

About an hour into a red-eye American Airlines flight from San Francisco to Charlotte on Saturday, a passenger pulled his pants down, arched his back, and urinated on the floor of the airplane, according to an affidavit filed by the FBI Sunday. …

The passenger sitting next to Gardner summoned a flight attendant, who saw Gardner pulling up his pants, according to the report. The flight attendant sent him to the bathroom.

But after about 15 minutes, Gardner had not left the bathroom. When the flight attendant opened the door, she found him lying on the floor of the bathroom.

The flight attendant tried to clean the urine with club soda, but it still smelled when the plane landed at Charlotte Douglas.

Flying from SFO to Charlotte takes a good 5:30 hours so I’m not sure I want to imagine sitting next to a carpet drenched in urine and exhibiting the associated smell. It must have been a very unpleasant ride, maybe using alcohol would have been a more effective method to overcome the smell.

Jordan Gardner, of Ludlow, Ky., was met by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police after the plane landed at 7:45 a.m. Sunday. He is being detained at Mecklenburg County Jail pending a hearing Thursday. He faces a criminal complaint of destruction of aircraft, according to court documents.

The passenger also has an extensive criminal record based on the article. I feel sorry for the other passengers who had to smell his stench for the next 5 hours post take off.


Every now and then we hear about these extreme cases of people who behave like crazies on the plane and engage in disgusting behavior such as this. I’m surprised he wasn’t given a smack by the people sitting around him.