Best Western Rewards Dream To Redeem Sweepstakes (Win 3.6 Million Points) Enter By May 8, 2016

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Best Western Rewards has launched Dream to Redeem sweepstakes where the winner get 100 free nights that are awarded in the form of 3.6 million points.

Best Western Rewards Dream to Redeem

There are weekly prices for $100 Best Western Rewards gift cards. You must enter to the sweepstakes by May 8.

You can access the Sweepstakes here.

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Note that these sweepstakes are only available for Best Western Rewards members in the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec).


Some lucky member will win the 3.6 million points and some others will get $100 gift cards. Shouldn’t take more than few seconds to participate.

Here are the terms and conditions of these sweepstakes:

Download (PDF, 44KB)