Buy Fairmont Gift Cards At 20% Bonus On May 4, 2016, At 1PM – 4PM EDT


Fairmont is about to launch a promotion for getting 20% bonus when buying gift cards. The offer is valid for purchases made on May 4, 2016, between 1PM – 4PM EDT.

Fairmont Gift Card Deal

On the previous promo you would receive 20% bonus on the amount of gift cards you decided to purchase, but only for ONE transaction. You can buy maximum of $5K worth of gift cards. I would expect this to be the case next week too. 

You can access Fairmont’s web page for buying gift cards here.


This is essentially 16.67% discount off of Fairmont stays that you pay using these gift cards. If the charge currency is other than USD or CAD, there is likely a small currency conversion fee. If you have non-prepaid Fairmont stays coming up, this is a great way to save an additional 16.67%.

Fairmont tends to run this promotion for buying gift cards with 20% bonus twice a year.