Lufthansa Cancels 60% Of The Wednesday Flights


German trade union has called for a strike on Wednesday that will scrap 60% of the Lufthansa flights and hits especially hard the Much airport.

Lufthansa Flight Cancellation

The airline plans to operate most if not all the intercontinental service from Frankfurt. The strike will also affect Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne-Bonn, Dortmund and Hanover airports.

You can access Lufthansa web page for disruptions here.

Here’s an excerpt from Deutsche Welle (access the piece here):

Tens of thousands of passengers will be impacted by the strike, which will end later on Wednesday. Lufthansa said that in Frankfurt flights will resume as normal after 3 p.m. (1300 UTC).

The German trade union Verdi is demanding a six percent wage increase for some two million public service employees, as well as a pay increase of 100 euros per month for trainees, according to

Here’s’s take (access the piece here):

The strikes are set to hit Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne-Bonn, Dortmund and Hanover airports as service workers’ union Verdi enters a battle with the government over pay rises for the public sector.

Lufthansa’s plan to cancel 895 flights – 60 percent of its usual services – will hit a total of 87,000 passengers.

In Munich 545 Lufthansa flights have been cancelled, with a further 350 cancelled at Frankfurt.


Lufthansa has been plagued by the strikes last year, but this one is due to Verdi that tries to get higher wages for public sector employees.

Remember that if your flight is affected Lufthansa still has the duty to care and is required by the law (EC 261/2004) to rebook you on alternate services even if those are not operated by Lufthansa or Star Alliance airlines. They probably don’t offer this by default but likely after a friendly nudge.

You may have trouble getting through to the airline by phone. You can always try calling Lufthansa in some other country where the lines may not be as busy. If you booked your flight through a travel agent, they should be able to rebook you on alternate service by the guidelines set by Lufthansa.