Frenchman Goes Berserk At Manila Airport After Girlfriend Doesn’t Pick Him Up – Gets Sedated By Airport Personell!


A french tourist visiting the Philippines was in for a forced nap after he went berserk at Manila Airport when he found out his girlfriend wasn’t there to pick him up as promised.


After the man couldn’t be brought to reason during his rage he was restrained and sedated by airport security and medical staff.

The case gained a bit of traction in the local Philippine media as Manila airport is on edge due to many negative reports after the Lag Lag Bala ‘Bullet’ scams (we wrote about it here) and the general security situation in the Philippines in regards to terrorism. Naturally the airport doesn’t like to see people going crazy in the terminal.

GMA News had a piece on the NAIA situation (access here).

Doctors at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport sedated a Frenchman who went berserk after his Filipina girlfriend failed to pick him up at the Airport.Dominique Albert George Fremond, 55, arrived in the country from Paris onboard a Saudi Airlines flight late Thursday. Airport personnel spotted him roaming all over the arrival terminal looking for his Filipina girlfriend. He was seen making frantic calls on his cellphone.

“Fed up, the foreigner must have lost his temper and started throwing tantrums inside the terminal,” said a witness, who requested anonymity. Retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Angelo Honrado, general manager of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), has ordered airport authorities not to speak to the media unless they are authorized to speak on behalf of the MIAA. According to the Airport Police Department, Fremond started taking his belongings out of his luggage and threw his laptop and camera against the floor.

The other passengers got scared, and the airport authorities moved in to pacify him. They invited him to the airport medical clinic for observation, but the Frenchman ran towards the restricted airport tarmac. After the airport medical team failed to calm him down, he was restrained by and injected with the sedative Valium, Doctor Cesar Ocampo of the NAIA medical clinic told airport reporters on Friday.

This story could just as well have taken place in other countries such as Thailand very easily and depicts a very prevalent situation where middle aged or elder men go to these developing countries as long term tourists or retirees mostly for love purposes and due to the low cost of living.

Often these relationships go sour and not everyone of these people is mentally stable to begin with. There are plenty of cases and even TV shows about this (just search for the show ‘Bangkok Airport’ on YouTube and you’re in for a treat).


People should realize that they are guests in whatever country they visit outside of their homeland and behave respectively. If one has mental or other health issues maybe it would be the best option to get treated for that before going on such trips to countries like the Philippines, even in the interest of personal safety. I wouldn’t want to get into a confrontation with the wrong person there.