WARNING: Le Club AccorHotels Accounts Taken Over & Points Used


Seems that the hackers have now found that there is also program called Le Club AccorHotels after dealing with emptying Hilton HHonors and Club Carlson accounts.

Le Club AccorHotels Accounts Hacked

I have had several LoyaltyLobby readers contacting me this week that have found their Le Club AccorHotels points used for hotel stays or whatever without their authorization.

You can access Le Club AccorHotels website here.

Here’s one email from a reader:

I am in touch with Accor now for 3 days without any success. This Monday i received a message from lecblub that 2 voucher i ordered on 24th of April have be retransfered to Points. When i checked my account i noticed that someone not me redeemed almost all of my 17000 Points. 2 of the voucheres were later retransfered to Points.

Immediately I tried to Change my pw which does not work because my old Password is not accepted on the Change side. I gues the issue is a changed Password policy and my old Password does not comply with that policy.

When i contacted Accor they told me on the phone that i should confirm to them via email I did not order These vouchers and that they would send me a link to Change my pw. The link they sent me is just a Login link to accorhotels.com so now way to Change the pw for me.

I tried several times to get an update from Accor via email but without success.

I guess I am not the only Person having this issue.

I am afraid that the criminal redeeming Points will continue to do so. As I am unable to Change the pw and Accor does not respond to me.

And here’s another one:

I had my Le Club account hacked on April 11.

The hacker converted 2000 points into a 40€ voucher (ref : removed), used the day after (April 12) at the Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich.

The CS representative I spoke to let me know my case was far from an isolated one, fact that she obviously refused to confirm in writing.

Just to let you and you readers know to urgently change their Accor password to a unique password, as the Accor password database might very well have been compromised.

I put Emanuel Baudart and John Webb in CC, as I think these hacking attempts do deserve to be investigated and communicated. Moreover, the Sofitel Guangzhou does have the name and ID copy of one of the people involved in this hack (and may very well be employing an in-house accomplice).


It is difficult to tell how the thieves are getting the email addresses and passwords of the Le Club AccorHotels members. You theoretically should use unique password with each of these online accounts, although keeping up with various passwords is simply impossible.

I would imagine that the points are used for same day reservations so that the real account holder really doesn’t even have a chance to cancel them.

Let’s hope that Le Club AccorHotels and Accor will get this issue under control before more members are affected.

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