Unique Name: Baby Born Inflight Named After Jetstar Airlines


Parents of a baby boy who was born on board a Jetstar flight from Singapore to Yangon gave their son a unique first birthday gift, naming him after the airline.

Jetstar BabyBeing named after Jetstar is something where I have my doubts if the boy will be very appreciative of a few years down the road but I guess there are worse names that could have been chosen.

It was reported that the woman (her nationality wasn’t mentioned) traveled from Singapore to Yangon, Myanmar and that she gave birth after the plane has already landed.

Singapore’s Straits Times had a story on it this week (access here).

A pregnant woman who unexpectedly went into labour and gave birth to a baby boy onboard a Jetstar Asia flight has named her son after the airline.

The baby, Saw Jet Star, was delivered safely on flight 3K583 last Friday (April 22), thanks to three doctors who had stepped forward to help.

The plane, which departed Singapore in the evening, was about to land in Yangon, Myanmar, when the woman – a Myanmar national – started experiencing cramps.

As crew members and the doctors were preparing to move her after the plane landed, the baby boy was delivered. Both the woman and her son were in good health after the delivery, and were taken to a local hospital. They have since been discharged.

According to a Jetstar spokesman, the boy’s birth was met with a round of applause from the plane’s passengers, who were mostly Myanmar nationals. The baby boy, who weighed six pounds and seven ounces (2.9kg), is the first to be delivered on a Jetstar Asia flight.

The airline – a low-cost subsidiary of Australia’s Qantas – said it was donating $1,000 worth of baby supplies to congratulate the family.

Though the name of the boy didn’t derive completely from the airline as the article reveals.

As part of the mother’s name is Star, she told the airline that she had decided to name her baby Saw Jet Star because of the care she received from the airline.

Jetstar proudly announced the newborn on their Twitter as well.

JetStar TwitterIt’s nice of the airline to donate all the baby necessities to the family. Traditionally airlines give free flights and other benefits to the newborns at some point during the lifetime of the child/adult though very few airlines have given the rumored benefit if lifetime complimentary flights.

This CNN article reveals that some airlines have done that though.

Very few airlines are known to have granted a newborn free flights for life.
The only carriers to have done so are Thai Airways, Asia Pacific Airlines, AirAsia and Polar Airlines. Virgin Atlantic granted one baby free flights until the age of 21.
That would be a nice perk to have!
While newsworthy it’s very risky to have a child delivered in the air and certainly adds additional stress to the procedure for the mother as well. Great to see both mother and child are doing well and certainly have a story to remember for all their life.

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