Reminder To Keep An Eye On Your Valuables During Flights

There have been quite a few reports lately about in-flight thefts that seem to plague flights to/from Hong Kong.

Emirates DXB-HKG Theft

The theft that was reported yesterday, however, is entirely on its own league. A Turkish businessman claims that goods and cash worth of $260,000 was stolen during Emirates flight from Hong Kong to Dubai. The passenger was seated in Economy.

You can access BBC’s story of this incident here and the Gulf News one here of which below is an excerpt:

Dubai: A Turkish businessman flying economy aboard an Emirates flight en route to Hong Kong appears to be the latest victim in a rash of high-level thefts on inbound flights to the Far East destination.

An Emirates spokesperson confirmed on Tuesday that the airline is probing the man’s complaint that he lost nearly $260,000 in cash and goods.

The Turkish watch trader filed a police complaint in Hong Kong on Monday.

“Emirates is working closely with the police department and providing information to assist with their investigation. There will be no further comments at this time from Emirates on what is an ongoing investigation,” an Emirates spokesperson said in a statement emailed to Gulf News on Tuesday.


The most that I have ever flown with was perhaps $10K to $15K worth of cash or cash equivalents few years ago.

Not sure what these criminal gangs might be that are targeting these certain passengers that are traveling with valuable? Seems that they know in advance who to target.

Had I been flown with valuables worth of $260,000, I probably would have chosen other class of service than economy.