UPDATE: IHG Rewards Club Deducting VAT Twice For Stays In Europe

Reader have reported IHG Rewards Club deducting the VAT twice for stays at many countries/hotels in Europe. I have covered this issue recently on two pieces (here and here).

UPDATE IHG Rewards Club Poland & Russia VAT Deducted Twice

You only find this out if you compare the qualifying revenue from your account to the folio that you received from the hotel that should show the NET amount (points are awarded based on this) plus possible Value Added Tax (VAT).

You can access your IHG Rewards Club account here.

I asked IHG Rewards Club spokesperson what is going on:

We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it. In the meantime, any impacted guests may contact the IHG® Rewards Club service center to request a points adjustment for the stay.

When I asked if they are going to correct all the stays that have not been correctly recorded, there was no reply.

Here’s how to check if the points are posted correctly:

InterContinental SCL First

You must click the EARNING DETAILS.

InterContinental SCL

You are then show the folio amounts in local currency and without the VAT. You must compare this to the folio that you received from the hotel.

If IHG Rewards Club has deducted the VAT twice, you must contact them and that your email/phone call is answered by someone that knows what is going on (could be a challenge).


It is ridiculous that IHG Rewards Club still hasn’t resolved this issue that has been going on for a while.

The reader emailed that it was extremely difficult to get the IHG Rewards Club to posts the points correctly even when you clearly demonstrated it with the folios.

IHG Rewards Club should fix the issue and correct the mistakenly posted stays retroactively.