Singapore Airlines Aborts Takeoff To Avoid Collision In Incheon – Several Tires Blown!


A Singapore Airlines aircraft took last minute action to avoid a collision with a Korean Air plane at Incheon airport and blew several tired during the emergency stop.

SQ Near Runway CollisionThe Korean Air plane crossed the runway without permission and got into the way of the Singapore Airlines flight taking off to SFO.

Runway collisions either with other aircraft or objects, are responsible for some of the worst air crashes in history including the Tenerife collision where two 747 aircraft collided or the Singapore Airlines crash at Taipei when one of their 747 collided with construction equipment after taking off from the wrong runway.

Airlive has a news report on the incident (access here).

Friday, Singapore Airlines flight SQ16 to San Francisco was forced to make an emergency stop during takeoff when the controller told the pilots that Korean Air flight KE929 (Airbus A330-200) to St Petersburg (Russia) was crossing the runway without permission.

Several tires of the Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER exploded during braking.

Ministry of Transportation launched an investigation to understand what could have been a terrible disaster and to determine the exact circumstances and the responsibility of everyone.

The Korean Air crew clearly dropped the ball here which could have had fatal consequences. Someone at KE is not having a good week. Better than to be dead I suppose.


Since this is an ongoing investigation one has to wait for the final report to come out to identify the incident in detail but it appears to be a very straight forward matter.

Airports are often choking with traffic and without proper attention such accidents can occur easily. The increasing air traffic especially in Asia wont help to ease this pressure without expanding airports and runways.

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