Marriott Rewards Password Update For Many

Marriott Rewards dropped us an email today that many members will receive an email to request them to update their password and indeed I did receive one too.

Marriott Rewards

This change only affects members that signed up few years ago when the current more stringent password requirement was not in place.

You can access your Marriott Rewards account to change password here.

Here’s what the password requirements are (the email itself doesn’t state them):

Marriott Rewards Password

When I asked what these “enhanced security measures” were, got the following reply:

Due a security system upgrade, members with outdated passwords are being asked to update their password to meet current security standards.  These standards have been in place for a few years but we only implemented them for newly created or updated passwords; we did not force customers to update passwords on file that did not comply. Our new security system will not be able to store out-of-compliance passwords.


When Club Carlson accounts were hacked and they required members to change the passwords to so ridiculous that it is borderline impossible to remember them (I have mine on Excel spreadsheet), it just means that I am less likely to book something with them.

I don’t always have upper and lower case letter on my password that Marriott will soon require. Let’s see how this will work. The app occasionally prompts me for the password and have not always been able to log in when on the road. Annoying!

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