British Airways 282 Los Angeles – London Diverts To Keflavik (Iceland) Due To Attempted Suicide


There are occasional medical diversions but what happened this past Monday on British Airways flight 282 is unusual.

BA282 Suicide Attempt

Apparently an off duty crew member (according to the UK paper) had slit his wrists and locked himself in one of the business class lavatories (or washrooms as BA calls them) on an A380. The passenger was given urgency care on the airplane and the flight diverted to Iceland on Tuesday morning to drop him off.

Here’s what SUN writes about the incident (access the article here):

The cabin crew worker is understood to have slit his wrists in a cabin toilet on BA Flight 282 from Los Angeles to London.

It is not known what he used to cut himself. He was found slumped on the toilet seat after executive passengers noticed the cubicle had been locked for a long time.

Emergency medical help was given to the off-duty steward and the plane diverted to Iceland.

He was said to have locked the door before cutting his wrists.

Here’s what BA spokesperson told Yahoo (access the article here)

British Airways declined to comment on the man’s condition. “Our Los Angeles to Heathrow service was diverted to Iceland so that a customer could receive medical assistance. The customer was taken to a hospital locally and the flight continued to Heathrow after a two-hour delay,” the airline said in a statement. “On a guidance basis only we understand that the customer was discharged from hospital the same day.”


It must be unlikely that this off-duty crew member is fit for duty anytime soon after this unfortunate incident. Surprised that he would have been discharged from hospital the same day after being admitted for attempted suicide?

Surprised that the crew didn’t go over their hours but was able to continue the flight to London where it arrived two hours late on Tuesday afternoon.