New York Port Authority Joins The Game Of Threatening To Replace TSA At Their Airports


The Port Authority of New York has followed suit to give the TSA a deadline in order to reduce excessive wait times at their three airports JFK, Newark and LaGuardia.

TSA-CheckpointThe wait times for passengers at the three New York airports have become intolerable at times and the Port Authority might consider hiring private firms if the TSA doesn’t shape up.

In February we wrote about a similar action by the Atlanta Airport Administration (access here) which had the result that the TSA is currently improving one of their checkpoints at Hartsfield Airport that lead to the closure of said checkpoint at least for the time being, making matters even worse.

CBS News New York reported about the situation in the Big Apple (access here).

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is giving the Transportation Security Administration an ultimatum on dealing with long lines at airports.

CBS2’s Christine Sloan reported the Port Authority is warning the TSA in a letter it will be replaced by a private security force.

“We can no longer tolerate the continuing inadequacy of the TSA passenger services,” the letter reads.

The letter states the long waits at John F. Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty International Airports are “prompting angry complaints from passengers, terminal operators, and airlines alike … citing inconvenience, delayed flights and missed flight connections.”

Passengers have been waiting up to an hour in lines at security checkpoints.

New York’s airports are some of the busiest in the country and such wait times can have dire consequences not only for passengers who miss their flight but also for the airline which has to deal with all these.

Keep in mind that JFK and Newark has plenty of International traffic and all incoming passengers have to be screened again. This time on top of immigration processing can easily blow any connection even if generously budgeted.

 …The TSA said it “will directly respond to the Port Authority.”

However, the agency is trying to get more money to hire extra screeners and pushing “pre-check,” a program passengers can sign up for that screens them before they travel.

“I can keep my shoes on. I believe I can keep my computer in my backpack. It’s easier with children,” traveler Denise Suri said.

Private security companies have already taken over 22 airports, including in San Francisco and Kansas City.

Pre-Check is fine but as I have noted before it only works if people know what to do and not just signing random folks for the program without them understanding what to do. TSA has also started to select random passengers for PreCheck which resulted in complete chaos since they didn’t follow the ‘light’ procedure at all, holding everybody else up.


The TSA is a horribly inefficient organization siphoning money off the taxpayers and passengers (with each ticket you pay a security surcharge) without performing a quality job. A recent newspaper article said the TSA would need money to transform, I disagree with this. The TSA has an annual budget of 7.6 Billion US$. How much more money does an agency need? You can find more information about the TSA’s FY 2017 Budget here.

Airports have to build up pressure and force the TSA to get their act together. 15 years past September 11th and an agency of such volume has a performance that is miserable at best. It’s a disgrace!