Fabulous Fridays: Exit Row Seating For Status Customers And Lucky Travelers


It’s another Fabulous Friday and today we have a look at Exit Row Seating which (especially in Europe) offers you more space than most airlines Business Class product.

Exit Row SeatingWhile for example Lufthansa Business Class is nothing but Economy seats with a blocked middle seat and no additional legroom, Exit Rows offer by far more space.

How to get an exit row seat depends on the airline since nowadays most started to discover the business of selling Exit Seats ahead of time or alternatively give them out to their status members.

In respect to those carriers who reserve exit row seats for status members it’s a good example why one should always be on the lookout for current status match promotion to benefit from these seating options.

Singapore Airlines sells Exit Row seating on long haul flights in advance for 100 US$ per segment.

However like in the good old days it’s still possible to just ask for the Exit Seating upon check-in or at the gate if advance reservation isn’t offered to the customer. Often it’s possible to score here free of charge.


Economy Class travelers might want to check out seating charts such as on SeatGuru to check which row offers the most space. Keep in mind that Exit Seats have a barrier in between each other so it might be more comfortable to sit with an open seat next to each other in a regular row rather than at the exit depending on if you rather prefer space in front of you or beside you.

Frequent Flyer Status is always key to seating benefits so it’s another motivation to either work on collecting it by flying or look to match your status using the promotions featured on LoyaltyLobby on a regular basis.