Alitalia Status Match Promotion: Soft Landing To Lower Status Level For Missed Qualification


If you have participated in the Alitalia Status Match Promotion we featured a few times then you might or might not have re-qualified for the matched status based on flying activity.

Alitalia Soft LandingIf you have not posted any or very little miles to the account you might want to check your online account or mailbox if Alitalia adjusted you status down to a lower Elite level instead of resetting you to Basic Member.

When I requested my status match last summer Alitalia took the validity of my BA Membership card which expires in January each year to give me about 8 months of Freccia Alata Plus (SkyTeam Elite Plus) Status. Other members whose expiry date was February and beyond got matched for two full years with their card expiring in 03.2017. I wrote about that Status Match back then (see here).

Naturally it was impossible to re-qualify for that status within the few months left so I just let it be and used the status a few times while flying Korean Air. Once March had passed the account was reset and actually showed me as Base Member despite some people saying that Alitalia offers a soft landing (a downgrade to the next lowest status level). I didn’t think much of it, maybe that’s only for properly qualified members and not status matches.

Last week I received a letter from Alitalia containing the Ulisse Card which is their mid-tier level that comes with some benefits of Skyteam Elite status (no Lounge Access however). You can find the details of Alitalia Ulisse on their website here.

I’m happy that after all there was some sort of soft landing even though it’s not including lounge access. SkyTeam Elite isn’t as bad after all as the following table (obtained from SkyTeam) shows.

SkyTeam Elite

The basic Elite Ground Services: Priority Check-In, Priority Boarding and even Priority Seating. This is what takes most of the stress away and saves a lot of time whenever you travel. I can live without lounge access, especially in Asia there are always nice options and facilities at the big airports. Plus I can always use Priority Pass lounges.


I was a bit surprised when the card showed up since as I mentioned before the online profile showed me as base member a few days after the card expired. Maybe Alitalia reviews these periodically short after expiration. If your status also ran out in March check out your account!