Flight Attendant Charged For Stealing 1500 Liquor Minis And Selling Them On Craigslist


A former flight attendant of Delta Affiliate Endeavor Air has been charged with stealing approximately 1500 miniature bottles of liquor commonly sold during flights.

Delta LiquorThe lady then went on to sell the mini bottles on Craigslist for a small price, assuming she wanted to up her income a little.

It always baffles me to see how far people are willing to go just to earn a few extra bucks especially with that amount of effort involved.

ABC News had the story yesterday (access here).

Officials say a former Endeavor Air flight attendant is charged with stealing nearly 1,500 mini-bottles of liquor from her job and selling them online.

The Shelby County district attorney’s office said Friday that 28-year-old Rachel Trevor has been indicted on charges including theft, unlawful sale of alcohol and unauthorized transportation of alcohol.

Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission investigators say Trevor would put the small bottles of rum, vodka, gin and whiskey in her bag after a flight, then post them for sale on Craigslist.

Investigators said the bottles typically sell for $8 on flights, but Trevor sold them for $1 apiece. Endeavor Air is a regional affiliate of Delta Air Lines. A spokesman says Trevor is no longer with Endeavor Air.

The article doesn’t mention over what time she had been lifting the minis off the flight but 1500 is a high amount and considering there is likely some sort of inventory control that matches missing bottles against money that was collected it’s only a matter of time until someone catches on with this.

While on mainline all sales are cashless (with credit/debit card only) these regional carriers still process the sales in cash. I don’t get why someone would go through the hassle of stealing 1500 bottles and sell them for 1$ each online when she could have just as well just pocket the cash money from the sales in lieu of just 150 bottles missing. Not that I expect much rational thinking from someone that steals liquor minis…


This case shows two things. For one there is very little check and balance with this sort of inventory which I partly put to the fact that flight attendants have a certain level of discretion to give bottles away for free to make up for delays or other problems (have seen that multiple times).

On the other hand it’s just strange what goes on in peoples mind to risk their job for stealing items worth a dollar each and then having to go through the hassle of selling them. Of course that means it’s only profitable in bulk hence the high number of 1500 bottles.

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