ANA: 4 Days Free Japan WiFi Router Promotion For Online Bookings In The Asia Pacific Region – Ends 31st May 2016!

Japan’s All Nippon Airways has a promotion that offers eligible customers in the Asia Pacific region who book online with ANA a free Wifi Router for their stay in Japan (up to 4 days).

ANA Free WifiThe Promotion includes customers from Australia and India who purchase their tickets through the ANA website and are able to request a redemption code after their purchase.

Wifi internet has always been a bit of a problem in Japan due to complicated sign up procedures, no prepaid SIM etc so it was common for years that visitors have to rent a SIM Card, Phone or a wifi router. Since last year the telecommunication laws in Japan have changed and now prepaid data SIM are available everywhere (I wrote about it previously – access here).

This promotion by ANA allows for the complimentary use of a pocket WiFi device for up to 4 days after your arrival in Japan which also includes insurance for the device.

You can access ANA’s promotional website here.

Eligible countries (flights must originate there) for this promotion are: Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

How does it work? Here is an illustration from the website linked above.

ANA Wifi PromoIt’s a straight forward process and the only thing you have to consider is that your booking must be made within the promotional window which ends on May 31st 2016 (Thai, Indonesia & Vietnam time: 11:59PM) however you can collect the free WiFi until March 31st 2017.

Is it worth it? I think if you’re going for just a few days sure why not, it’s a good option to stay connected especially if you’re going with a group of friends or have many devices as you can connect to the same pocket WiFi. For every day beyond the four free promo days it says: 900JPY for the NINJA WiFi rental fee and 300JPY for the compensation plan will be applied each day on customers own expense.


The prepaid data SIM card costs 1900 JPY for 7 days so to be honest I would think twice about it if my stay in Japan exceeds the four days and there are additional charges for the pocket WiFi unless you can use it with many people or devices as mentioned above. It’s a good promotion for a brief trip but anything longer than 4 days you really have to do the math if it’s worth it!

The T&C say that only one promo code will be given per booking so if you go with a group of friends and want to take advantage with more than one device you have to make separate bookings.


Terms and Condition of Coupon Code in “ANA Airline Ticket – NINJA WiFi Collaboration Campaign”
– This campaign is limited to the trip to Japan. (The WiFi router is exclusively for the use in Japan.)
– One WiFi router is rented free of charge to the travelling customer with one booking number and for one time only.
– Even if a group of customers make reservation together, only one router is rented with one booking number and for one time.
– The free rental includes the rental fee of the WiFi router device and the warranty package only.
– If the customer applies to rent beyond the campaign days, the rental fee, warranty package fee and optional service fee for the extended days will be charged to the customer.
– Fees for the extended days will be charged as described in the NINJA WiFi website. (
– The WiFi routers are limited in availability. We accept no liability if the customerʼs application is not accepted due to the unavailability even during the campaign duration.
– The WiFi routers should be picked up and returned to exclusively at the place and by the method as described in NINJA WiFi website. (
– If the customer applies without entering the campaign coupon number, the rental fee and optional service fee will be fully charged to the customer.