One More Year For SPG Lifetime Platinum Status (Turns To Marriott Gold Or Platinum)


After my nights from the stay at the Sheraton Stockholm from this past weekend were posted to my account, I had requalified for Platinum and this also changed the year count towards the lifetime Platinum status.

SPG Lifetime

The lifetime Platinum requirements for SPG Platinum are minimum of 500 nights + 10 years as a Platinum member (the years don’t have to be consecutive).

You can check your SPG Gold & Platinum lifetime status progress here.

Starwood Preferred Guest program should continue on its current form until the end of 2017, although the purchase by Marriott should go through sometime this summer.

Shouldn’t be too difficult to get the stays/nights in early 2017 to make it lifetime Platinum with SPG before the program is canned. There you go!


The lifetime night count should be 600 or so if the award nights are counted in before they were valid for status purposes. Wouldn’t make a difference though.

It is just sad that the program will come to an end late 2017/early 2018. I already have lifetime Gold with Marriott Rewards and could have Platinum easy too by having few “meetings” this year with them.