Whine Wednesdays: Premium Boarding Chaos In Europe


This week the Whine Wednesdays visits the premium boarding chaos apparently affecting some European airlines and flights.

Whine Wednesdays Boarding Chaos In Europe

Business class passengers and elite travelers usually board first (some airlines board families with children and wheelchair passengers before others) but it is impossible to get through the hoards of people if you haven’t positioned yourself an hour earlier in case of KLM!

I usually stay in the lounge as late as possible and arrive to the gate when it is supposed to be about to close. The problem is that the boarding on these flights were starting late and people were basically blocking the access to the premium boarding regardless what the agents were announcing.

When I asked from the KLM gate agent the reason for the clusterf*ck at the Amsterdam airport yesterday, the reply was “it is what it is”.

The scene was same in Stockholm on Monday afternoon. Hoards of people blocking the access to the premium lanes.


My preference is to board last and deboard first when in business or first class. I really don’t see any benefit being on the gate when the boarding mess starts. I rather sit in the lounge and do some work.

I just hope that the flight attendants make sure that business class overhead bins are not filled with stuff from the economy as was the case with this very same KLM flight.

And I don’t think that “it is what it is” is good enough reply from the KLM.