Reminder: Match Your Hotel Elite Status to Hilton Honors – Diamond/Gold Status Valid Until March 2018!


One of our most popular topics are Status Matches and LoyaltyLobby wants to remind readers that Hilton HHonors currently has a Status Match Promotion which gives you Elite Status until March 2018!

HH Match Header

The good thing about this particular match is that Hilton advertises to match from ‘Any other’ Loyalty Program so it’s not restricted to specific competitors.

You can read more about the Hilton HHonors status benefits here.

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Previously Hilton was sometimes picky and only accepted match requests from Hyatt and Starwood while now it appears that all programs are welcome.

There is no specification to what status level exactly HHonors will match you but they have been generous in the past and at least for the big competitors that means you will be matched up to Diamond.

Apply for your status match as soon as possible via the landing page (see here).

HH Status MatchThere is no specific expiration date for the promotion mentioned so I urge anyone who’d like to take advantage of this offer to apply as soon as possible as such promotions can be withdrawn at anytime.

You can read more about Hilton HHonors Gold and Diamond benefits here.

As mentioned before you will have to take your chances and see if for example Accor Platinum or Best Western Diamond will be matched to Hilton Diamond as well or if that would give you only Gold.


I think Hilton HHonors is still a very good program for members when it comes to benefits, especially for Golds given how easy it is to be earned with the constant stream of fast track options on the market and the benefits associated with it (Internet, Free Breakfast, Upgrade, often Lounge). I’ve had luck in the past asking for Suite Upgrades and late check out as a Diamond Member even though these are not official benefits (Late Check out now is but still without specified time).