REMINDER: Use Your GOL Smiles Or They Expire In 12 Months!


It is about 12 months since I wrote (read more here) about very good GOL Smiles miles sales that I also partook.

Gol Smiles

The problem with the Smiles is that the bonus miles were expiring in just 6 months after the purchase and purchased miles within 12 months!

Expiry of my reminding Smiles:

Gol Smiles Expiry

I used most of my purchased Smile for Singapore to Buenos Aires business class award (read more here) when my bonus miles were about to expire.


I am not sure if there is a way to extend the validity of your Smiles by joining their “Club” that has a monthly fee and comes with monthly Smiles miles and ability to purchase more at a discount.

Smiles is a buy and burn program. They can change the number of Smiles required for partner awards at a whim (done it several times) and you should only buy when you have use for the miles in the near future and not to “bank” to use them in 12 months down the road.

I think that is is bit sneaky that Smiles doesn’t remind you of their miles expiry. Last night, I thought that my Smiles had expired but seems that I have another two days to find a way to use them.

I tend to not make speculative bookings. One option would be to convert the reminding Smiles to Le Club AccorHotels points if that option is still around. Otherwise the Smiles will turn to dust in two days.

Smiles had had some issues with their website infrequently. You should not leave making the redemption for the last possible day.